Online Classes

Online classes offered by Ātma Vidyā are a great opportunity to study Vedanta, Sanskrit and Mantras independent from where you live.

The connection between the teacher and the student is fundamental for for learning
Vedanta. And for that reason, the classes at Ātma Vidyā always have a limited number of participants.


Vedanta examines the essential nature of the Self through a method of Listen, Reflection and Contemplation.
Immortality and Freedom from the cycle of life and death are revealed as the true nature of the human being and any form of life.


The chanting of Mantras and Stotras in Sanskrit language are profound ancient prayers.

Through the harmonic rhythm,
repetition and participation in the chanting, the mind reaches more clarity, concentration and tranquility.


Gītā chanting is a powerful tool for purification and for integrating body, speech and mind.

In addition, chanting refines our mind and improves memory and concentration. Bhagavad Gītā is
considered a crown jewel of Indian spiritual wisdom…


Sanskrit is the key to enter in the wide world of Indian
Traditional Culture. The Sacred Scriptures as well Secular Scriptures are found in Sanskrit language, thus a fundamental knowledge for Yoga and Vedanta students…


Every day you have an appointment with a lot of people. Once you start meditating, you can consider that you now have an appointment with the Lord in the mornings. It is an appointment with myself. To have an appointment with myself…


Pūjā is one of the most beautiful ways to express yourself to God. This traditional ritual recognizes the presence of an order and makes an offering of five elements. The shapes, colors, fragrances and sounds of various items of the worship…


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